Iriscent created a classification based on the hippocratic oath and Elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire respectively named:

terra – liquid – fusion – ame

A connected work base, which inspires each artist and performer thanks to the magic of synesthesia. It aims to bring humans to dive into and explore their subconsciousness.

The textured resins of the earth

A duo of strength and power. Scents of fruits and flowers dressed with soft yet vibrant tonalities intertwine in a dark, deep almost disturbing milieu. Rooted in dry and round smokes of sandalwood, an authentic fragrance emanates from this profound and intoxicating universe. A tribal shamanic dance with a decidedly mystical roughness.

The darkness of the abyss

Fluid and generous, sometimes dangerous, water protects and interacts with us. Both enchanted and unleashed, soothing and fusing, it is out of control. It derives its evanescent and infinite character from a crystal clear, azure and indigo ocean. A journey into the abyss, where one is lulled with the fruity, floral and aqueous waters.

The echoes of space

Just like a subliminal echo! Ethereal and elusive, its vaporous and ozonic breaths exalt us. A hymn for freedom, tainted with fresh and light, subtle cotton notes. A minimal music with clear and transparent sounds, to escape into a playful and abstract beyond.

The aura of flames

Sensual, warm and ancestral, fire intoxicates. For a long time, incense fumes were burnt for spiritual energy. A ritual whose flames lead us to the gates of heaven. An eternal fragrance with spicy crackling, where the ambery glimmers electrify us.