Iriscent’s expertise is based on the knowledge of fragrances and raw materials combined with Mother Nature culture. From symbolic to healing properties, a connected storytelling is developed. 

Holy smokes of transcendence, burnt resins of nature. Together they live, and together they enrobe the spirits of mankind. Through the smoke they envelop, and through it they unfold. Whether in churches they burn or to Jesus they’re offered, the resins of earth unveil. The warmness of Frankincense, the intensity of Myrrh.

An emblem of charm, a  symbol of voluptuousness. Through fossils it rises and from them it burns. its inviting fire erupts like the sun and bears tears, called amber. While the tears of the sun go bare, the white veil of sage purifies. Its native tribal grasp is a ritual, a rite. A path to catharsis.