Wednesday, 13th of September 2017

Voyage en terre ÅmÅ

Play to listen the experience!

 Once a year in September, Les Rives de la Beauté offer a particular week called to celebrate the vision of a contemporary and responsible beauty. Also during this Paris Design Week, Iriscent decided to continue the olfactive exploration with the fifth element “the wood”, as well as her yearly alchemical continuation. 

The 13th and 14th September, mini.mental duo presented ÅmÅ, an imaginary and mystic forest illustrated in perfume by the perfumer Alexandra Monet (drom fragrances) staging woody notes dena, sage, nahi and rosa; four experimental fragrances with magic colors at Bliss Studio gallery.

Meaning soul in Amerindian, ÅmÅ is the name of a mystical forest which is in each of us. It is the land of letting go, perfumed by sacred stopovers arranged in four amphoras, delight of ÅmÅ ’s love, mother of the nourishing earth. The shaman astrology is an ancestral science which defines, with element of nature, our correspondences and our feelings in connection with animals. Reveal your instinct and deliver yourselves from your fears, your doubts. A hypnotic experiment at the heart of your unconscious enables you to search for your totem animal.

Welcome to your imagination…

This laboratory of collective expression, creators of images, artists and designers developed original performances in link with the art of olfaction.

Our ambition: ‘bring to a human experience to olfactory creation.’

Monique Canzoneri

Similarly, the public was invited to meet their totem animals not only by experimenting the sound distillation, taste officinal potions, discover shaman astrology and aromachology, but also guided by the voice of Iriscent.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Artists & Performers

Elodie Canzoneri, olfactive architect & fragrance experience

Alexandra Monet, perfumer drom fragrances
Robin Vielcanet aka mini.mental, sound distillation & experimental music
Heloïse Jacob aka Stella Polaris, illustrator & dot artist
Juliette Seban, graphist & aquarellist
Florence Debussière aka Flø Ereissub, artist & illustrator
Djulia Razowski, photographer
Monique Canzoneri, impressionism painter
Hanna Manson, owner Bliss Studio gallery

olfactive thoughts & thanks

to drom fragrance marketing team, partners, artists and collaborators…