Tuesday, 6th of September 2016

The Phantom Laboratorium

The Phantom Laboratorium is an olfactive workshop inspired by the 4 elements. It celebrates the launch of IRISCENT – Olfactive Architect. An olfactive ceremony initiated in the heart of a curiosity cabinet exposing experimental fragrances


Olfactive Architect

Olfactive Architecture
© Concept by Elodie Canzoneri

Experimental Scents
by Cécile Zarokian

iriscent Candle
Phantom inpiration & Marketing by Elsa Rahal

Photography Artwork
by Marc Fenton

Color Extraction
by Grandma Canzoneri

Sound Distillation
by SNäZZY, Janneman and Mozghan

Elemental Mapping
by Prism

Olfactive Curiosity Cabinet

Fragrant Mixology
by Nathalie Angelelli