Iriscent’s collective of creative, original and unique minds combines its artistic talents with technological innovation in order to paint a cutting-edge olfactive experience.

When scents, visuals and music vibrate as one, emotion is procured through the senses.

Elodie Canzoneri

Born in Normandy, Elodie grew up fascinated by her grand-mother, an impressionist painter. Initiated to the art of colors, sounds and nature’s resonance, her childhood revolved around being conscious and aware of the elements surrounding her. In her early career, she joined both les Ateliers Parfums Thierry Mugler and Firmenich where her senses were heightened by the world of fragrances and Synesthesia. Being a music lover of electronic sounds, today she launches iriscent, an artistic collective that speaks in the name of creativity dedicated to the development of projects connected to the elements.

Her favorite scents: Smells of Amber, Benzoin and Frankincense.

Cécile Zarokian

Cécile Zarokian graduated from ISIPCA, she was trained for four years in Robertet, at first in Grasse, then in Paris. She was still a trainee when she created her first fragrance, Amouage Epic Woman. In 2011, Cécile decided to found her own company in order to be able to dedicate her entire time to working freely as an Independent Perfumer.

Her favorite scents: Smells and perfumes of her relatives. Her favorite fragrant note however, is Amber.

Marc Fenton

Marc Fenton has a fascination for the space between moments or rather their transition- the apparent and the imagined. One aspect of his work is focused on these transitional points and using Photography to evoke certain moods and emotions, to convey a sense of fragility, a temporality.

His favorite scents: Airy and transparent scents.

Elsa Rahal

Originally from Beirut, Elsa left her unique & energetic city of beautiful contradictions to pursue a career in perfumery.  After graduating from ISIPCA with both technical and Marketing Master degrees in Fragrances, she began her career in Firmenich working in Marketing on both Fine Fragrance and niche perfumery brands.

Her favorite scents: Mediterranean scents laced with woods. A textured blend reminiscent of her childhood city, which lies within a breathtaking scenery of mountain and sea.


Gifted with a mysterious sensitivity to sounds, DJ SNäZZY collected deep minimal techno inspirations throughout the years. Ripperton, Recondite, Molly, Laurent Garnier and Dusty all make up his musical Cabinet of Curiosities. In 2014, Snazzy explored new musical regions during a year and a half world tour that oscillated between Australia, Indonesia, Nepal and Mexico. The adventurer alchemist later continued his sensorial quest at the Burning Man festival in France where he met an electronic music passionate, iriscent. A few weeks Later, they develop olfactive sets exploring the concept of “Sound distillation” of Elements.

His favorite scents: Pine scent reminiscent of his vacation days in the south of France along with airs of Lavender.


Christophe began his first Deep House residency in an artistic collective through which he asserts his identity while developing the local underground scene. He then carried out his passion for traveling by mixing in the four corners of the world such as in China, Australia, Polynesia and the Balkans. More recently, he was a DJ at Raspoutine where his sets are played all night long. Christophe also produces more cozy musical universes for the Palais de Tokyo restaurant, Mr Bleu, and the Bristol hotel bar.

His favorite scents: Notes of jasmine, rose, gardenia and amber.


Mozhgan is a DJ based in San Francisco, California. Since 2011 she has been throwing one of SF’s most musically diverse dance events, We Are Monsters, where she is a Resident DJ.

Combining elements of Cosmic Disco, Cold Wave, Minimal Synth, Post Punk, Rock, Industrial, and EBM with House and Techno, the monthly event has brought together forward thinking DJs and crowds in an intimate setting. She has also brought her instantly recognizable style and sounds to the annual Sunset Campout and Burning Man, as well as a recurring weekly set at Monarch in SF. Mozhgan has developed her distinctive approach to selecting and mixing music that has distinguished her as one of the outstanding new DJs in San Francisco.

Her favorite scents: Sandalwood, Cedarwood with Cardamom, Spicy Cinnamon and Nutmeg as well as earthy Vetiver before settling into enchanting, exotic notes of Amber.

Sophie Normand

Fascinated by perfumes from an early age, Sophie’s profession as a writer has lead her to become a blogger where she express her passion for an emotionally rich perfumery universe. Along the years, she has written for many blogs including Cinquième Sens and l’Olfathèque. She occasionally conducts trainings and workshops for both professionals and the public.  

Her favorite scents: A tobacco-vanilla blend as it takes her back to childhood memories, somewhere between the pipe tobacco smokes and the vanilla cakes that her aunt prepared when she was little.

Benjamin Legrain

After working as an Art Director in various Parisian marketing agencies for the past twelve years, Benjamin had the idea of creating wooden, artistic, and handcraft neon signs. It was the opportunity to gather all his knowledges and life experiences: graphics, graffiti, street art, bodypaint, cabinetry, design…

In 2015, he launched Funki Sign which allows him to be an inspired, responsible, independent and assumed artist.

His favorite scents: Railroad rails, his mother fragrance “L’Heure Bleue” by Guerlain, the wax scent from his father cabinetmaking studio. Magic olfactive memory.